Promotional Playing Cards

Your Promotional Deck of Cards Will Give Customers Something to Remember You By

Your Promotional Deck of Cards Will Give Customers Something to Remember You By

Want a sure way to get a message across to potential customers?
Our professional personalized promotional playing cards are a great way to advertise to your targeted consumer market.

Using playing cards to advertise ensures that your customers take more than just a quick glance at your products, services and pitch. Taking advantage of playing cards as an advertising median gives you a product your potential customers are sure to look through and keep.

Personalized playing cards with your company logo are a great way to give your targeted market a memorable message to take with them. Personalized promotional playing cards provide customers with a way to reconnect with you after the your initial meeting and ensure that your company stands out amongst the competition.

Even if you’re not a direct match for the first job, playing cards stay around and could possibly lead to new opportunities in the future.

The Advantage of Playing Cards for Promotional Events

Unlike regular fliers and posters, a personalized playing cards deck with your logo is sure to receive more than a glance from potential customers.

Anyone who receives a deck of playing cards is sure to shuffle and look through them. By giving out a deck of cards, you increase the likelihood someone will look through you carefully prepared message.

Our professionally crafted playing cards will give you a promotional item interested customers are sure to retain and look through more than once.

Attracting at Trade Shows

Stand out at Your Trade show by giving out Personalized Promotional Playing Cards

Stand out at Your Trade show by giving out Personalized Promotional Playing Cards

Playing cards personalized with your logo and message are a great thank you gift for people who take the time to visit your booth at trade shows and various functions. Giving out a personalized deck of cards with your contact information provides them a way to get in touch with you after the show and increase the number of leads.

Giving out decks can also increase the number of sign-ups and contacts you make at your trade show. Word of mouth travels fast, by giving out a gift that people will want will increase the number of visitors and overall traffic to your booth.

The appeal of a promotional deck of cards will give you the opportunity to exchange a deck of your cards for contact information. Request a quote on your promotional playing cards today and increase the number of sales leads.

What Your Customers Will Get With Your Promotional Deck of Cards

Customers who receive your personalized deck of cards will receive:

  • 54 Personalized Playing Cards with 4 suits featuring your logo and message on the back of the cards.
  • A personalized tuck box for your playing cards featuring your logo and message.
  • When you order more than 200 decks of cards, you will receive free of charge the option to customize the two jokers in the deck.

    Make sure to visit our custom promotional playing cards page if you’d like to customize all 54 playing cards with your product line and services.

  • A means to reconnect with you and a memorable advertising piece that will not simply be tossed.

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