Custom Playing Cards Help Catch Criminals?

Playing Cards are being used in jailhouses around the world to help gather information

Playing Cards are being used in jailhouses around the world to help gather information

A customized deck of playing cards is always a great idea to give as a memorable gift but today, playing cards are being used to aid justice and help to make the world just a little bit safer.

Just how are they doing this? In the United States and many other parts of the world, custom playing cards featuring a criminals photo and a brief description of a homicide or major crime is featured on the card. Each card has a phone number to Crime Stoppers or similar organizations that encourage those with information to share.

The playing card decks are then handed out in jailhouses where criminals with knowledge of the cases snitch to investigators.

How the Custom Playing Cards Reveal New Information?

The jailhouses around the world contain a library of information with regards to murders and other brutal crimes. With inmates consistently boasting to others about their crimes, the abundance of information found in jailhouses is sometimes the best way to solve cases.

Issuing the inmates custom playing cards with the faces of criminals and their committed crimes gets word around the cells quickly and saves investigators time in interviewing all inmates about every single crime.

Why Would They Snitch Just Because of the Playing Cards?

Inmates not only have the incentive of reduced sentences if information is shared regarding a case but the cases printed on the playing cards are so severe that they do appeal to primal human emotions and regardless of how well they knew that person if she/he knew he committed such a brutal crime they would have to turn them in.

Cons of the Playing Cards

The lives of many criminals become that much rougher because revealing a little about his/her case to a fellow inmate can cause that inmate to try and frame the other in exchange for a reduced sentence. Criminals are now being encouraged more then ever to “rat out” their fellow inmates and by their attorneys not to reveal any information about their own case. A little information in regards to what infraction one is charged with can be enough for a jailhouse messenger to alter the story and make it more appealing to investigators.

With the playing cards sharing certain details about each criminals case, investigators must be careful to screen out what is fabricated and what could actually help solve cases.

Quick Clip about the Role of Custom Playing Cards in Solving Murders and Cold Cases

Click here to watch a quick clip about how custom playing cards are helping to reveal new information and help solve murder and cold cases.