Custom Playing Cards

cardsbox Custom Playing Cards

Custom Deck of Playing Cards with Custom Tuck Box

Looking for a professional custom playing cards manufacturer to help make your custom deck of cards. Custom playing cards provide you with the capability of creating your own deck with 52 custom playing card faces. Whether you’re a hobbiest looking for a personalized custom deck of cards, a company or business looking for an effective way of advertising your product to your target market, or a bride/groom to be who would love to give all wedding guest, family and friends memorable wedding favors that they will cherish; Palaimon Cards can help you to professionally manufacture your custom deck of cards.

Custom Playing Cards

Custom playing cards differ from our personalized playing cards decks by allowing you not only to customize the back of the card with your design but the all 52 playing card faces and the playing card box as well. All our custom playing cards are custom made to your order specifications with full control over colors and even the card stock you print on.

img 0393 Custom Playing Cards

Custom Printed Playing Cards Tuck Box

Take your custom playing cards to the next level and custom design your own custom playing cards tuck boxes with your logo, message, information and design.

Custom Playing Card Backs

playingcardcustomback 03 Custom Playing Cards

Your Custom Designed Playing Card Back

Looking for a great gift for your friends and family. Palaimon Cards can help you to personalize the back of your cards with your photos, message, and artwork. When you order your playing cards you can ensure the greatest assistance and service so that your cards will turn out exactly as you imagined them.

For those looking for standard playing card faces with a personalized back, please take a look at our personalized playing cards for more information.

Custom Playing Card Faces

customplayingcardface1 Custom Playing Cards

52 or More Custom Playing Card Faces for You to Design

Custom playing card faces with your artwork can also be created so that you have a deck of cards that is fully yours. If you want to design your own deck of cards faces, then Palaimon Cards can help you. We allow you full customization over the 52 standard cards in a deck with no extra surcharge or fees for full color printing of your custom deck while never compromising the quality of our professional decks.

For those looking to create their own card games, flash cards or other cool ideas, we do provide you the ability to add more or subtract from the standard 52 cards in a deck.

Get started on your own custom deck of cards today and request a quote on your card idea.

Custom Printed Playing Card Tuck Boxes/Packaging

cardbox Custom Playing Cards

Custom Playing Card Tuck Box

Palaimon Cards provides you the option to have your cards professionally packaged in their own custom printed playing cards tuck box with your artwork design and details. Our custom playing card tuck boxes will go a long way in enhancing the appearance of your custom deck and adding that professional touch that is preferred by many of our playing cards enthusiasts. Customize all four sides of the playing card box with your message, instructions and designs.

Playing Card Uses

customblankface Custom Playing Cards

Add Your Group of Friends to Your Deck's Face Cards

For the poker players looking to give their friends a great gift check out our custom poker playing cards. Our custom playing cards are also great for creating your own photo playing cards deck, card games, as promotional playing cards, and as wedding favors.

Custom your playing cards deck today and request a quote on your custom faces, custom backs and custom designed tuck box.

What Does Your Custom Deck of Cards Come With?

With each order of custom playing cards you will receive:

  1. 52 playing cards with your custom design on each face
  2. two jokers with your option to customize
  3. the ability to customize more than or less than 52 standard cards
  4. a custom playing card box labeled with your design from the back of the card
  5. the option to custom print and design on your playing card box and/or shrink wrap your deck of cards

Sending in Your 52 Pictures for Custom Faces

If you decide create your custom deck of playing cards with 52 custom face cards, please send your photos and designs in a compressed zip or rar file to or simply send us a quick email requesting the necessary FTP information to upload your photos/artwork. If you choose to replace the heads on the Jacks, Queens and Kings with photos of your friends and family, please make note of this as well.

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